Advocacy Groups

“Everyone’s chest is a living room wall with awkwardly placed photographs hiding fist-shaped holes.”

Andrea Gibson

Advocacy groups provide a plethora of different services and supports to individuals seeking different kinds of help. While there are a bunch of wonderful local, state, and national organizations that work to promote equity for LGBTQIA+ people, being trans, gender non-conforming, or a loved-one thereof is a multi-faceted experience that requires an equally diverse range of resources. Here are a few of our favorites:

Advocacy Groups

All of the advocacy groups listed to the right provide a wide range of services and supports to trans and GNC youth. The Trevor Project has a dedicated suicide hotline and chat function for youth who are in crisis or feel they need someone to talk to. The National Center for Transgender Equality and Human Rights Campaign provide legal services, while gender spectrum provides a wide range of helpful articles and documents. The Happy Hippie Foundation focuses on LGBTQIA+ youth homelessness and GLAAD works for greater representation of queer individuals in the media. To Write Love on Her Arms is a suicide prevention group that serves cis and transgender people alike.

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